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July 20, 2009

NCHENZ has a new website. All our blog posts have been imported.

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New Addition to After Home Education

July 13, 2009

Jeffrey writes “My mother, Cally, asked me to write an article about the new beginning I have made this year, in order to show to worried parents that an unschooled child, with no qualifications to speak of, can in every way equal one who has attended school for thirteen years.”
You can read the rest of the article linked  on our After Homeschool page.

This article first appeared in the THEN newsletter. Thank you to THEN and Jeffrey for their permission to publish it.

Duffy Entrpreneurs Club open to Home Educators at no charge

June 10, 2009

duffy club2Duffy Entrepreneurs Club  allows students to learn from experts in industries such as finance, legal, accounting, IT and education.  This is open at no charge to home educators. NCHENZ is coordinating the registration. Contact tarnya to register. There is no charge and you do not need to be a member of NCHENZ.

Science Website by a NZ home educator

June 10, 2009

Nathalie Thomas, a home educating mum in Katikati (Bay of Plenty), with a science and teaching degree has  set up a website specifically aimed at home educators in New Zealand to provide information on science. She offers science courses and educational science hire kits. Please have a look at her website 

 Website address:

 A website about science courses and educational science kits to hire, specifically for home educators in New Zealand!

We have added the website to our resources pages


THEN (Hamilton) has a new website

June 10, 2009

The Home Educators Network Incorporated ( Hamilton)  has a new email address and website. I have updated the link see

Their email address:

and the new website:

Do have a read, it is a great site. Well done to all those who worked on it!

The Home Educators Network Incorporated has a new email address and website from the one shown on your website. It would be appreciated if you could amend your website accordingly.
email address:


May 25, 2009


{I watched them on TV1 Breakfast programme and they were wonderful ambassadors for home education.- ed.}

Here is a letter from the captain

Thank you everyone, for your support of our team, Free Range Robotics, in our endeavours at the World Championships in Dallas. This competition had some huge excitement. A couple of highlights were our first two games; Each of these games is played by four teams: two blue teams versus two red teams. We are paired up randomly. In both of the first two games our partners were unable to play, so we played alone against two robots and we won both games. This immediately made our standing with everyone rocket up; it really showed the world what New Zealanders and homeschoolers are made of.

Of course our biggest achievement is the programming. We are the VEX World Champions in Programming. And the second trophy we brought home was the Robot Skills 3rd place. Both of these are achievements of the whole team; the programmers and drivers couldn’t have done it without a great team behind them.

At the competition they also announced the new VEX game. “Clean Sweep”. It looks to be a lot of fun with plenty of things to think about and design for. As well as a new game, we also have a new season of scrimmages being run in New Zealand. I still don’t know all the details but it is going to be good.

If anyone wants to start a robotics team I would be very happy to come to your group and talk to you and advise you about setting up a team for competing in the 2009/2010 competition.

If you want to know more about Free Range Robotics or the competition, cruise over to our website that has lots pictures of the trip and the competition.  Also there is a guest book for you to leave a comment.

To contact me you can email me at 

Patrick Walmsley
Team Captain
Free Range Robotics

Homeschooling Statistics and Status of Visitors

April 19, 2009

Added a link to the MoE’s Home Education Statistics to our MoE page and also a page with information about the status visitors to New Zealand ; whether they would need to apply for an exemption or not.

Homeschool Robotics competition winners will head to US

March 29, 2009

On Saturday 21 March the home school robotics team, ‘Free Range Robotics’, competed in the New Zealand National Championships of the “Vex Robotics 2009 Competition” against high school teams from various parts of New Zealand.
The competition brief was to design and build a robot to play a game called Elevation, in which the robot collects three-inch cubes and puts them into a variety of ‘goals’.  The game is one of strategy as well as designing, driving, building and programming skills.    

Free Range Robotics came up from behind to come joint FIRST with Avondale College!!!

see here and here   and HERE . 

Well done !

National has dropped proposed changes to DPB work rules

March 29, 2009

KP alerted NCHENZ that the National Government has cancelled changes to the work rules for the Domestic Purposes Benefit. 

from the Herald linked above

“The Government’s plan to tighten the rules around the domestic purposes benefit has been put on hold because of the recession. Under a policy announced in August, women on the DPB would have to work or train for 15 hours a week after their youngest child turned 6 or risk losing the benefit.

The Government made no move after the election to introduce it and yesterday Social Development Minister Paula Bennett confirmed it was on the backburner because people were being made redundant and jobs were in short supply.”

WINZ has changed their website and I can no longer can find the page that explains the exemption for home educating parents on the DPB from work requirements. Can someone help me with this?

A New Zealand Study: Home education for the School Resistant Child

March 29, 2009

A blog post on the study including a link to the orginal research.