National has dropped proposed changes to DPB work rules

KP alerted NCHENZ that the National Government has cancelled changes to the work rules for the Domestic Purposes Benefit. 

from the Herald linked above

“The Government’s plan to tighten the rules around the domestic purposes benefit has been put on hold because of the recession. Under a policy announced in August, women on the DPB would have to work or train for 15 hours a week after their youngest child turned 6 or risk losing the benefit.

The Government made no move after the election to introduce it and yesterday Social Development Minister Paula Bennett confirmed it was on the backburner because people were being made redundant and jobs were in short supply.”

WINZ has changed their website and I can no longer can find the page that explains the exemption for home educating parents on the DPB from work requirements. Can someone help me with this?


2 Responses to “National has dropped proposed changes to DPB work rules”

  1. Kiwi Polemicist Says:

    See , which says

    (1) A work-tested spouse or partner may apply under section 105 of the Act to be exempted from the work test, on any ground specified in regulation 4 or in subclause (2).

    (2) A person described in subclause (1) may [not “will”] be granted an exemption from the work test on the grounds that-
    (c) The person is actively engaged in teaching a dependent child or foster child of the person, and the child is-

    (i) aged 5 years; or

    (ii) exempt from enrolment in school under an exemption granted under section 21 or section 22 of the Education Act 1989

    Located at WINZ Manuals and Procedures ( ) then click Legislation>Regulations>Social Security (Exemptions under Section 105) Regulations 1998 [6th on the list]>#5
    Related: (exemptions from work preparation exercise, which applies before the youngest child reaches 6 years)
    “Regulations” are rules or orders made under statutory authority.

    “Manuals and Procedures” is the instruction book for WINZ staff.

  2. tarnya Says:

    Thank you .

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