{I watched them on TV1 Breakfast programme and they were wonderful ambassadors for home education.- ed.}

Here is a letter from the captain

Thank you everyone, for your support of our team, Free Range Robotics, in our endeavours at the World Championships in Dallas. This competition had some huge excitement. A couple of highlights were our first two games; Each of these games is played by four teams: two blue teams versus two red teams. We are paired up randomly. In both of the first two games our partners were unable to play, so we played alone against two robots and we won both games. This immediately made our standing with everyone rocket up; it really showed the world what New Zealanders and homeschoolers are made of.

Of course our biggest achievement is the programming. We are the VEX World Champions in Programming. And the second trophy we brought home was the Robot Skills 3rd place. Both of these are achievements of the whole team; the programmers and drivers couldn’t have done it without a great team behind them.

At the competition they also announced the new VEX game. “Clean Sweep”. It looks to be a lot of fun with plenty of things to think about and design for. As well as a new game, we also have a new season of scrimmages being run in New Zealand. I still don’t know all the details but it is going to be good.

If anyone wants to start a robotics team I would be very happy to come to your group and talk to you and advise you about setting up a team for competing in the 2009/2010 competition.

If you want to know more about Free Range Robotics or the competition, cruise over to our website that has lots pictures of the trip and the competition.  Also there is a guest book for you to leave a comment.

To contact me you can email me at 

Patrick Walmsley
Team Captain
Free Range Robotics


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